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MESA™ Mobility Enhanced Spectrum AnalyzerCookeville, TN | REI announces the new Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer (MESA™), a portable handheld spectrum analyzer that delivers precision, high performance, and versatility for assessing RF energy in a variety of environments. The MESA™ is capable of detecting known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions throughout a wide frequency span up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with Down Converter antenna).

The MESA™ includes testing modes for RF spectrum analysis, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Bands and includes a new Patent Pending SmartBars™ mode that displays like a broadband receiver and uniquely highlights changes in RF energy in a bar graph display.

MESA™ is slightly larger than a typical DSLR camera, weighs about the same and is the only spectrum analyzer of its kind to be completely touch screen controlled.

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June 1, 2020 |

REI continues to adapt to the current COVID-19 situation to ensure we are available for our customers, partners, and employees.

REI employees are following the CDC Social Distancing Guidelines to ensure the safety of the staff, suppliers and customers. Additionally, production shifts have been adjusted to provide adequate production coverage and we are still building and shipping products.  A small service/support team is working on-site with the remainder of Engineering, Sales/Marketing and Admin working remotely.

Training courses will continue in June and are open for registration. However, while social distancing practices are in place, seats are limited. Available courses can be found on the REI Training Calendar.

Travel for REI staff remains canceled for the foreseeable future.

We hope business will return to normal as soon as possible, in the meantime, please continue checking the REI website for updates, or contact us via phone or email.


Tom Jones
President, Research Electronics International, LLC


COOKEVILLE, TN, March 6, 2020 – Research Electronics International (REI) President, Tom Jones announced today the company will donate $20 thousand to the Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund, to help victims of the March 3rd tornado that hit middle Tennessee. Additionally, Victor H. Mendelson Co-President and Chief Executive Officer for HEICO Corporation’s Electronics Technology Group, REI’s parent company since June 2019, announced it will make a matching donation of $20 thousand for a combined contribution of $40 thousand.

The fund was established to provide direct financial support to the victims of the tornado in the Cookeville-Putnam County area. The EF-4 tornado that caused 18 fatalities and tremendous damage throughout middle Tennessee, struck the area in the early morning hours, catching many people by surprise. “We have many friends and neighbors throughout this community who are really hurting from this tragedy, and we feel this is one of the ways we can help contribute to healing and rebuilding,” Jones said. “The people of middle Tennessee have shown tremendous character in the aftermath of this disaster with the turnout for relief efforts, and we know they are just beginning.”

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REI has received many calls and messages of concern regarding the tornado that devastated Cookeville and Middle Tennessee communities March 3rd. We are pleased to report that REI was not impacted directly by the tornado, but many of our friends, neighbors and family members were, and have had their lives changed forever.  REI will be supporting recovery efforts in every way we can.

The community outpouring of support by emergency responders, volunteers and the community at large has been truly amazing.  We are blessed to be part of an incredible community. For anyone wishing to contribute, there are 3 ways to donate to the Cookeville Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund. This is the ONLY OFFICIAL Designated Donation Account…100% of the donations will go directly to the impacted victims.

The Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund will be administered through the Bank of Putnam County. Donations can be made online at

To donate by mail, make check payments to Cookeville-Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund and mail to:
Bank of Putnam County
P.O. Box 2809
Cookeville, TN 38502

REI would like to thank everyone who reached out to us with concerns, and for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Pictures of damage from the March 3rd tornado in Cookeville, TN taken
by REI Compliance Manager Pamela McIntyre.

MIAMI & COOKEVILLE, Tenn.–()–HEICO Corporation (NYSE HEI.A and HEI) today announced that its Electronic Technologies Group acquired 75% of the ownership of Cookeville, TN-based Research Electronics International, LLC (“REI”) in an all cash transaction. REI’s two owners/managers retained the remaining 25% ownership. No further financial details were disclosed.

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The most commonly used antenna included with the ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver is the Whip antenna. It is significantly larger than the other antennas and is an effective general-use antenna for locating RF signals. In this article, we will dig into how the whip antenna is designed and why it is considered the more commonly used antenna in the kit.

A whip antenna is a basic antenna design, typically consisting of a straight, flexible wire or rod connected to a receiver. Shown in the picture is the Standard RF Probe from the CPM-700 Deluxe, which is a traditional whip antenna. When the CPM-700 and ANDRE antennas are viewed side by side, it’s obvious the ANDRE antenna is a very different design. Continue reading “ANDRE Whip Antenna: Simple Enhanced Design”

In previous articles, we discussed how lines sometimes blur between cyber security and TSCM, where skills from both disciplines may be needed to identify threats. Here’s a recent example that illustrates this, where transmitters and receivers can be used to initiate a cyber attack.

There are USB cables that can be controlled remotely via wireless/bluetooth to inject a payload with command line/keystrokes onto a computer. The computer can be remote controlled, accessing networks, files, control settings, permissions, or a critical information. It could also be used to inject a virus. Continue reading “USB Cables Can Hide A New Payload Threat”

The Stage
Queen Elizabeth I, daughter to Henry VIII, became England’s ruler in 1558. One of her first acts as queen was the establishment of an English Protestant church, of which she was made Supreme Governor. During her reign, tension was high between Protestants and Catholics and Queen Elizabeth was constantly concerned for her throne.

In 1567, Elizabeth’s Catholic cousin, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots was forced to give up her Scottish throne and fled to England, where she was placed under house arrest. There were rumors and plots among Catholics to overthrow the queen and replace her with Mary. England’s military was weak, the treasury lean, and relations with neighboring countries tenuous. Security depended on intelligence. Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth’s Spy Master”