A search of the term VoIP Phone Vulnerabilities results in a torrent of articles discussing network hacking and how to protect networks from outside intruders. VoIP data protection is a legitimate security concern I.T. departments must address. However, it is too often overlooked that VoIP phones are still just phones that transmit conversations from one point to another using cable. In some cases, many of the same cables are used for the VoIP phone as the POTS phone that preceded them. Continue reading “Testing VoIP Phone For Non-VoIP Vulnerabilities”

The TALAN is capable of detecting VoIP packets on VoIP phone systems using the 10/100 Mbps rate. The TALAN VoIP Test Adapter will force some Gigabit VoIP systems to auto-negotiate to the  10/100 Mbps rate. However, some VoIP network systems may not be fully compatible with the VoIP Test Adapter, or have been set up not to auto negotiate down. Below are compatibility issues that may be encountered and also solutions:

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TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer Resistance Testing

Research Electronics International is pleased to announce the TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer with enhanced VoIP analysis and new earth/shield/ground testing. The portable TALAN 3.0 analyzes digital, analog, and VoIP phone systems and wiring for faults, anomalies, and security risks using a suite of telephone tests including an automatic switching matrix.

What’s New in TALAN 3.0:

  • VoIP traffic analysis on phones, networks
  • Patent-pending FFT algorithm for visual display of VoIP traffic
  • Earth/Ground testing for modified connections to extraneous wiring
  • Advanced input panel to accept and test shielded ethernet cables

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TALAN 3.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer VoIP AnalysisThe TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer provides many automated tests in a single product to detect and locate illicit surveillance devices (wiretaps and electronic surveillance/eavesdropping products) on telephones, communication and other types of wiring, and is the only product of its kind in existence.

Developing technologies and growing acceptance of VoIP telephones have also brought increased opportunity for exploitation.  A VoIP phone can be programmed to pass VoIP data, even when it appears inactive; for example, a VoIP phone can be compromised by someone with network access (e.g. IT personnel, hacker) and the ability to turn the microphone on and off, effectively collecting and transmitting room audio undetected.

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