Mark S. Uker

Director of Training

Mark S. Uker retired from the US Army with seventeen years service as a Counterintelligence Special Agent. Mark was a Army trained Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Special Agent, Certified in 1993. He conducted TSCM missions as a team member and team chief in Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, Geneva and the US in support to US Army major commands. Mark also conducted training at the US Army Technical Counterintelligence School, Fort Meade, MD including basic lock courses and computer training. As a developer and instructor for the DoD Computer Investigations Training Program, in Linthicum, MD, he was in charge of the development of several training courses including Introduction to Computer Search and Seizure (ICSS), Introduction to Networks and Computer Hardware (INCH) and Basic Forensics Examinations (BFE) Course. These courses were taught to DoD and law enforcement organizations. Mark currently works for Research Electronics International developing training courses in TSCM and is also developing future courses in advanced TSCM concepts and computer forensics.

Roger Werries

Roger Werries spent five years as a Counterintelligence Special Agent for the US Army during which time he specialized in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). He has conducted numerous TSCM missions as an operator and team chief in various European countries and the US. These missions were in support of US Army major commands, Department of Defense (DoD), NATO, United Nations and the Secretary of Defense. He has received certification in TSCM from both the US Army and the US Department of Energy. As a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Department of Defense Computer Investigations Training Program, he instructed basic computer hardware and networking, conducted forensic analysis on compromised computer systems and researched and developed advanced UNIX based training for federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel. During five years as a program manager and TSCM instructor for the DoD, Roger trained personnel from numerous federal agencies in the areas of computer and telephone security. Roger is currently a Technical Instructor at Research Electronics International and is responsible for the development and instruction of equipment familiarization courses, technical surveillance countermeasure courses and advanced telephony security courses.

Davis Draper

Davis Draper serves as a technical instructor and the Spanish linguist on REI’s team of instructors. He has trained numerous government, military, law enforcement, corporate, and private personnel in concepts of RF and component detection. Davis came to REI from the Hertz Corporation after living in Central America where he studied Spanish in an intensive language immersion program. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology-Criminal Justice and a Master of Business Administration from Tennessee Technological University. Davis currently teaches equipment and concepts of RF and component detection in both English and Spanish.

Peter Denson

Peter Denson graduated from Western Kentucky University where he received his degree in Sociology and Criminology. Shortly afterwards, he enlisted in the US Navy and received his TSCM certification from the Interagency Training Center. He spent the next 6 years working as a TSCM Analyst; three with the US Navy and another three while in contractor positions with various DoD agencies. He has served on numerous TSCM missions both within the US and abroad. Peter Denson has also spent time as a Lead Analyst for Global Network Vulnerabilities and received his Master Certification in Information Security Management from Villanova University.

Anthony Reep

Anthony Reep currently serves as a technical instructor. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice from Tennessee Technological University. Prior to working as an instructor for REI he served as a police officer for 9 years. While an officer, he achieved the rank of Master Patrolman and had supplemental duties as a Field Training Officer, SWAT Team member and motorcycle patrol officer. Anthony also served as an entry team member, tactical explosive breacher and pole camera operator. He was also trained in convoy security/force protection, active shooter response as well as tracking and wooded terrain operations.

Chris Browning

Chris is a proven and highly-trained Law Enforcement executive. He has operated in every aspect of modern policing, to include: large scale narcotics investigations, Homeland Security, white-collar crime, public corruption, voter and election fraud, violent crime, jail management and community oriented policing. Chris is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, held the positions of Police Chief and Chief of Investigations for the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. After 20 years in Law Enforcement, Chris started a Private Investigative agency which included TSCM services for individuals and corporations in the southeast. Research Electronic International’s equipment and training were widely used in this capacity.

Calvin Anderson

Calvin has an extensive background in Law Enforcement. Prior to working as an instructor at REI he served as a police officer for 16 years. While employed as an officer, he achieved the rank of Master Patrol and Sergeant in both the Patrol Division and Traffic Investigative Division. His training includes Field Training Officer, Field Training Coordinator, Basic Crash Investigation, Advanced Crash Investigation, Traffic Crash Reconstruction, P.I.T (Pursuit Immobilization Technique) Instructor, Police Motorcycle Operations, Special Event Coordinator, Technical Police Photography and Computerized Diagramming & Crime/Crash Scene Mapping.  He also has training in Police Background Investigations and Active Shooter Response.