This seminar will focus on the features and applications of the Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer (MESA). The seminar will last approximately 1 hour and cover the following topics:

  • Radio Frequency Overview
  • RF Detection Overview
  • Basic MESA Operation
  • Spectrum View
  • SmartBars­™
  • Mobile Bands
  • Audio Functions
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Detection
  • Probes and applications

The MESA™ is a portable, handheld RF receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions. MESA™ has the portability and operational features not found on  other spectrum analyzers. Click here for more information on the MESA product page. 

We encourage you to engage Instructors throughout the seminar for a more interactive experience.

Seminar Dates:  Oct 21 | Nov 5, 19 | Dec, 3, 17
Note: This Zoom seminar begins at 10 a.m. CST, lasting approximately 1 hour. Q&A to follow. 

On October 21, a 2nd presentation of the MESA seminar will be offered at 20:00 (U.S. Chicago – CDT) to provide an alternative time for people outside the western hemisphere. This option can be found in the registration form drop-down menu below.

Registration for this Zoom seminar is free. Capacity will be limited to 20. 

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