Below you will find a list of REI products that have been discontinued. Should you need more information concerning these products, please Contact Us.

TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer

TALAN 2.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer (units shipped prior to June 2017)

Owner’s Manual | Brochure 2.0 Software Update Data Viewer Software


VPC 2.0 Deluxe Video Pole Camera

VPC 2.0 Deluxe/VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


VPC 64 Video Pole Camera

VPC/VPX-64 Video Pole Camera

Owner’s Manual | Brochure



CPM-700 Broadband Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


ORION NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector


ORION™ NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


OSCOR 5000E Spectrum Analyzer


OSCOR™ 5000E Spectrum Analyzer

Owner’s Manual | Brochure |  OPC5 Software | OPC5 Manual


MDC 900 Microwave Down Converter


MDC-900/MDC-2100 Microwave Down Converter

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


PNG 200 Portable Noise Generator


PNG-200 Portable Noise Generator

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


TRD-800 Vibrating Tape Recorder RF Detector


TRD-800 Vibrating Tape Recorder/RF Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure