Below you will find a list of REI products that have been discontinued. Should you need more information concerning these products, please Contact Us.

MESA Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer


Original MESA – Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer (units shipped prior to September 2022)

Owner’s Manual | Brochure

TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer

TALAN 2.0 Telephone and Line Analyzer (units shipped prior to June 2017)

Owner’s Manual | Brochure 2.0 Software Update Data Viewer Software


VPC 2.0 Deluxe Video Pole Camera

VPC 2.0 Deluxe/VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


VPC 64 Video Pole Camera

VPC/VPX-64 Video Pole Camera

Owner’s Manual | Brochure



CPM-700 Broadband Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


ORION NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector


ORION™ NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


OSCOR 5000E Spectrum Analyzer


OSCOR™ 5000E Spectrum Analyzer

Owner’s Manual | Brochure |  OPC5 Software | OPC5 Manual


MDC 900 Microwave Down Converter


MDC-900/MDC-2100 Microwave Down Converter

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


PNG 200 Portable Noise Generator


PNG-200 Portable Noise Generator

Owner’s Manual | Brochure


TRD-800 Vibrating Tape Recorder RF Detector


TRD-800 Vibrating Tape Recorder/RF Detector

Owner’s Manual | Brochure