Before shipping equipment to REI, a Return Merchandise Authorization number is required.

Research Electronics International (REI) products are designed and intended for legal commercial applications. However, because laws and regulations vary from state to state and country to country, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and user/operator to check and comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the possession and operation of this equipment before and after making a purchase.

REI products, components, and technology are subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. export controls and sanctions laws and may be subject to similar laws, regulations, or requirements in other countries. Any export, re-export, or transfer of any REI products, components, or technology must be conducted in compliance with such applicable laws and regulations.  Diversion contrary to U.S. law is strictly prohibited.

Unless authorized by the U.S. Government, REI prohibits the export and re-export of REI equipment, software, services, and technology to destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions. See the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) website for information on U.S. embargoes and economic sanctions.  See the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) website for information on additional embargoed countries for shipments of military items.

U.S. export restrictions vary from country to country and from item to item.  The most restricted destinations include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria (REI products are strictly prohibited in these countries). This list is subject to change without notice.  For current information on U.S. embargoed and sanctioned countries, as well as information on U.S. Export regulations and laws, please see the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) U.S. Department of Commerce, the OFAC site referenced above, and the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense and Trade Controls.

Below are ECCN and CCATS Codes for REI products:

Product ECCN License Type CCATS HS Code
TTK – Tactical TSCM Kit (U.S. Only models) 6A993a NLR (C33) 9030400000
TTK – Tactical TSCM Kit (Export Only models) 3A992a NLR (C33) 9030400000
MESA® Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer 3A992a NLR (C33) CJ697-14 9030400000
ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver 3A992a NLR (C33) G166846 9030400000
CPM-700 Broadband Detector 5A992B NLR (C33) G161845 9030400000
DPA-7000 TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer 5A992B NLR (C33) G160856 9030400000
ORION Non-Linear Junction Detector
(all 2.4, 900, and Deluxe models)
3A992a NLR (C33) G149465 9030400000
ORION HGO-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector EAR99 NLR (C33) G146788 9030400000
ORION NJE-4000 Non-Linear Junction Detector EAR99 NLR (C33) G146788 9030400000
OSCOR 5000 Omni Spectral Correlator 3A992a NLR (C33) G014221 9030400000
OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyzer 3A992a NLR (C33) CJ0755-15 9030400000
OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer 3A992a NLR (C33) G138442 9030400000
ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator EAR99 NLR (C33) 8543200000
CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier EAR99 NLR (C33) 8518402000
VPC 2.0 Video Pole Camera EAR99 NLR (C33) 9006300000
VPC 2.0 Deluxe Video Pole Camera EAR99 NLR (C33) 9006300000

U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as amended (the “FCPA” or the “Act”), makes it illegal for U.S. citizens and companies, their officers, directors, employees and agents, and any stockholders or others acting on their behalf, as well as foreign companies and persons acting in the United States, to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business. REI acts in accordance to the FCPA, and REI resellers and sales partners must also comply with the FCPA. Please see the United States Department of Justice website for more information.

For questions regarding REI exports, please contact our Trade Compliance Department at

NOTE: You may find the information on this page useful for determining exportability to particular places or parties and for completing export or shipping documentation, record keeping, or post-shipment reporting.  The information provided on this page is subject to change without notice.  Although we provide the information on this page to assist you in determining your export control obligations, you remain solely responsible for exporting or re-exporting REI’s products in accordance with U.S. law.  We encourage you to seek appropriate legal advice and/or to consult the EAR and the BIS Department of Commerce or other relevant U.S. export control agencies before exporting, re-exporting, or distributing REI equipment.