In the event your REI product needs to be returned to the manufacturer, the following steps must be completed for all U.S. domestic and international return shipments.


Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#)

Complete the Return Merchandise Authorization Number request form online by clicking the button below.  A representative of REI will email an RMA# once your request has been approved.


Prepare the commercial documents for import (Outside U.S. Only)

Before sending any items to the U.S. for repair, contact your local customs authority.  Procedures for shipment and documentation can vary and some countries require returning goods to be registered with the customs authority prior to being sent.  This proves the goods have been legally imported and all duties have been paid preventing additional duties being assessed on the item when returned.  The customs authority in your country will likely assess duty on the declared value of the repair. If the goods have not been advanced in value or improved in condition while overseas, you or your customs house broker will likely be able to enter the goods into the U.S. duty free.

The following two documents must be completed for U.S. customs clearance.

1. Commercial Invoice: Prepare and include a commercial invoice with the shipment that provides the following information: a fair market value of the product(s) being returned, a general description of the goods, and a reason for export.

Example of reason for export:
Enclosed equipment is being returned for repair,
Made in the U.S., not advanced in value or improved in condition.
HTS Number of the U.S.: 9801.00.1012

Note: It is very important that the harmonized code 9801.00.1012 be included in your shipping documentation.

Click here to view an example of a commercial invoice.

2. Foreign Shipper’s Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned: This form will be completed by REI and emailed to you as a PDF using information submitted via the online RMA form. Once  the returned Foreign Shipper’s Declaration is received, print and sign the form and include with shipping paperwork accompanying the return.


Safely pack equipment and print mailing label

Please Note: If the product’s RMA issue is not related to the battery, do NOT include the battery with the shipment.  Shipping lithium ion batteries internationally can cause additional delays due to tighter airline restrictions.

Make sure the equipment is securely packed in a box for shipment. Preferred shippers are: FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS), or a freight forwarder pre-approved by REI.

If your shipment is coming from outside the U.S., include the following documentation with your shipping documentation:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Foreign Shipper’s Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned (REI provides this form)
  3. Importers Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned (REI provides this form)

Print mailing label, fill in the RMA# you have received from REI, and affix label to packaging.


Send a copy of all completed information to REI

Send a copy of all completed shipping documentation and shipment details to your sales manager (or to

REI is not responsible for duty charges imposed as a result of improper international shipping documentation.