REI Training Center Instructor teaches OSCOR class

REI technical security training courses are designed to teach the basic and advanced procedural concepts of conducting a counter surveillance investigation. REI has 7 full-time, highly qualified instructors with numerous years of cumulative experience in the surveillance field.

Training topics include:

  • Basic facility concerns
  • Acoustic/microphone threats
  • RF & microwave threats
  • Laser threats
  • Infrared threats
  • Carrier current threats
  • Physical search procedures
  • Electronic search procedures
  • Use of detection equipment

All courses include hands-on exercises, using state-of-the-art equipment in dedicated project rooms that simulate threat scenarios. Threats include RF transmitters with analog and digital modulation techniques, hidden cameras, tapped telephone and LAN lines, infrared, and carrier current. The training facility also includes a high-end signal generator to simulate various types of modulation techniques. Students use project rooms to exercise their knowledge of the use of detection equipment.

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