After first discussing what TSCM is and what TSCM protects, this seminar will share many examples of current technical threats. Devices ranging from the cheap “spy shop” stuff, to professional level eavesdropping devices will be explored. The seminar will last approximately 1 hour covering the following levels of devices:

  • “Delivered to your door, with free shipping”
  • DIY
  • Radio Frequency audio & video
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • GSM devices
  • Custom & Unique devices
  • Infrared and visible light threats
  • Hardwired microphones
  • Voice recorders
  • Carrier Current devices

We encourage you to engage Instructors throughout the seminar for a more interactive experience.

Seminar Dates:  Oct 27 | Nov 5, 19 | Dec 3, 17
Note: This Zoom seminar begins at 10 a.m. CST, lasting approximately 1 hour. Q&A to follow. 

On October 20a presentation of the Technical Threats seminar will be offered at 20:00 (U.S. Chicago – CDT) to provide an alternative time for people outside the western hemisphere. This option can be found in the registration form drop-down menu below.

Registration for this Zoom seminar is free. Capacity will be limited to 20. 

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