Did You Know? Last year there was a 53% increase in economic espionage cases investigated by the FBI.

Audio security tools including acoustic noise generators protect proprietary or sensitive conversations against threats from perimeter contact microphones and reflected laser listening devices by injecting tuned masking (white) noise into perimeter structures to mask structure-bound audio.

Audio amplifiers utilize balanced and unbalanced high impedance inputs to connect to suspect wiring. An adjustable bias voltage can be used to activate devices that are voltage or current sensitive.

REI’s CMA-100 high gain audio amplifier identifies electronic surveillance devices attached to building wiring and the ANG-2200 acoustic noise generator creates a perimeter of white noise around an area to defeat acoustic leakage eavesdropping devices.

REI equipment is designed to work together as a suite of tools for the security professional. Combine our Audio Security tools with our RF Detection, Non-Linear Junction Detector, Telephone Inspection, and Video Inspection equipment for comprehensive technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) investigations.