The REI Training Center will finish 2018 having trained the largest number of students ever. Over 50 classes were conducted at the Training Center in Cookeville, Tennessee. Scheduled classes ranged from one to five days in length. In addition to the scheduled training classes at REI, our 6 full-time instructors were kept busy throughout the year with onsite and offsite custom training courses.

Reasons for greater interest
The interest correlates directly to a greater need for quality professional training on ways to protect against information theft and illicit technical surveillance. Continue reading “TSCM Training On The Rise”

REI will be hosting four free seminars in May. The first two in Ottawa, Canada, and the next two near Washington, D.C. Each seminar will discuss the risks posed by electronic eavesdropping and illicit surveillance. There will be an overview of modern threats and eavesdropping techniques, as well as the countermeasures and equipment used to combat intelligence theft. Continue reading “Upcoming Seminars in D.C. and Ottawa”

REI’s Business Intelligence Protection Seminars explain the risks posed to businesses and individuals by electronic eavesdropping and illicit surveillance. Wrongful exposure of sensitive  information including merger or acquisition planning, marketing strategies, financial projections, or executive employee behavior can severely harm an organization. The mere perception of compromised information can lead to stock decline, negative publicity, damaged business relationships, and loss of customer confidence. BIPS offer practical instruction and techniques to guard against critical information loss.

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REI is pleased to announce a training partnership with Eavesdropping Detection Solutions (EDS) to present technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) training courses on a regular basis in South Africa. The strategic partnership between REI and EDS means that many TSCM practitioners from outside of the USA who cannot afford to travel to the United States, or for whom it is inconvenient, will be able to receive the same high level training and certification in South Africa.

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REI has recently opened registration for five upcoming Business Intelligence Protection Seminars (BIPS). REI’s free, one-day seminars are designed to familiarize security professionals with the dangers of information loss through illicit electronic surveillance.

“It’s important for businesses to remember the vulnerabilities in their own offices, buildings, and meeting spaces,” says Mark Uker, REI Training Director. “This goes beyond the theft of intellectual property – even the wrongful exposure of personal conversations between employees can have devastating effects on a company.” Continue reading “REI Announces Spring Business Intelligence Protection Seminars”