Seven Benefits Of Training At REI

REI Training Center

REI trains hundreds of students every year with varying levels of experience. We have found that our students benefit most from a training program that combines classroom instruction with hands-on experience, and have designed the REI Training program around this concept.

Here are seven additional benefits of a 5-day course at REI’s training center:

REI’s Training Center has over 10,000 square feet of newly renovated classrooms and simulation rooms. Our instructors have applied decades of experience into designing project rooms where students practice detecting and locating hidden electronics. As one of our trainers said, “We can offer a better quality training on site because the environment is controlled.”

While students can expect to log time in the classroom throughout each course, they will also use investigative equipment in practical applications. The project rooms simulate real-world situations where students practice using equipment and training to locate hidden threats.

REI’s six full-time instructors have over 60 years of combined technical security experience. They work hard staying up to date on modern threats and current practices for conducting TSCM investigations.

The Countermeasures Core Level One course introduces students to the components of a counter-surveillance investigation and the necessary equipment used in an investigation. By the end of the week, students will be ready to branch into a Level 2 RF or Telephone TALAN course for more specialized understanding of each subject, and beyond that to a Level 3 Certification course.

Purchasing TSCM equipment can be an expensive undertaking and technically intimidating. Having the opportunity to evaluate the equipment throughout a Countermeasures Course may help with the decision. It may also provide a more thorough understanding of the quality, capability and even the limitations of REI products. Plus, if you decide to purchase equipment, you’ll be prepared to put it to work right away.

“No one knows our equipment better than we do,” Anthony Reep, Technical Instructor. Students attending the Core Level 1 course receive a factory tour, where they will see REI’s in-house manufacturing operation. We pull the curtain back for students, so they can see the quality and care that goes into the products and how that benefits the customer.

REI trains students from all over the globe with different nationalities and cultures. We value the shared knowledge and experiences of our students, and we encourage others to collaborate and learn from this opportunity. A recent student summed up his training experience well when he said, “TSCM is such a niche line of work – getting to connect with people from around the world is invaluable.”

For more information regarding upcoming training courses, visit our course calendar.

This is an excerpt from REI’s TSCM Journal (View the full PDF version).

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