Testing VoIP Phone For Non-VoIP Vulnerabilities

A search of the term VoIP Phone Vulnerabilities results in a torrent of articles discussing network hacking and how to protect networks from outside intruders. VoIP data protection is a legitimate security concern I.T. departments must address. However, it is too often overlooked that VoIP phones are still just phones that transmit conversations from one point to another using cable. In some cases, many of the same cables are used for the VoIP phone as the POTS phone that preceded them.

Remember that VoIP phone security is more than just protecting data traffic. The cables that carry VoIP data can also be used to transmit non-VoIP information. This could include audio from a hidden microphone or video from a camera. Physical access to cabling and phone devices can, and will continue to be exploited for illicit purposes.

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