New ANDRE Deluxe Offers Higher Frequency Detection Range, Ultrasonic Detection, and New Software

New additions are coming to the handheld ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver. REI is pleased to announce the ANDRE Deluxe featuring three new antenna attachments and a variety of accessories to make your investigations easier and more effective.

New Antennas

Directional (70 MHz – 500 MHz)
The directional antenna is used for tactical applications to detect and locate strong, low frequency signals.
Ultrasonic (15 kHz – 80 kHz)
The ultrasonic probe detects high frequency audio jamming. Using the ANDRE audio input, this new antenna detects ultrasonic jammers and transmitters.
Down Converting (500 MHz – 12 GHz)
The high frequency down converter replaces the log periodic in the ANDRE Advanced. This antenna extends the ANDRE’s frequency range to 12 GHz.

New Accessories

Tripod and stand
The tripod and stand allow you to mount any ANDRE antenna for in-place monitoring.Boom handle
The boom extension handle makes it easier to use the ANDRE in hard-to-reach areas including corners. The handle extends your reach by 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Powered Connector Cables
New 5 ft. and 9 ft. probe connector cables are included to supply power to new Deluxe antennas as well as passive connectivity to existing antennas.

The ANDRE Deluxe comes installed with the newest ANDRE firmware upgrade. This firmware provides behind-the-scenes performance enhancements. In addition, users will be able to select between AM and FM audio demodulation and run the ANDRE in low power mode for better connectivity to certain PCs.

Reporting Features

Data Logging
The data logging function captures the ANDRE’s histogram data for extended periods of time. With power level and frequency information included, the data logger has three optional modes:

  • 250 hours at 500 msec resolution
  • 25 hours at 50 msec resolution (default)
  • 30 minutes at 1 msec resolution

Data Viewer
The Data Viewer is a PC application that allows you to download and review the data logging files captured on your ANDRE (see example below). Viewing the data log from the ANDRE on the Data Viewer provides unique evaluation tools including FFT for idenitifying transmission characteristics.

This Data Viewer graph shows 16 minutes of signal activity captured by the ANDRE Deluxe Data Logging feature.
Moving the cursor anywhere in the timeline displays signal details in the Cursor Info window (amplitude, frequency, timestamp, probe, etc.). Also shown is the Detailed Frequency Band Information dialog box.


ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver Packages

Upgrade Your ANDRE
An upgrade path is available for current ANDRE Advanced and Basic owners. If you are interested in upgrading your ANDRE to a Deluxe, complete this form.

ANDRE Training Courses
ANDRE training classes are available throughout the year. ANDRE training is also covered in the Countermeasures Core Level 1 Course. Visit the ANDRE training course page for more information.

This is an excerpt from REI’s TSCM Quarterly Newsletter. Click here to download the full edition.

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