REI Advances Internal Technology

REI uses PnP (Pick and Place) machines to manufacture the circuit boards used in REI products. By upgrading these machines, REI is committed to providing the best technolgically advanced products possible in the near future.

As technology continues to evolve, circuit boards require more components to fit into condensed areas. Similarly, as REI’s products have evolved, the need for more modern boards has reached a point that exceeds the capacity of the older PnP machines.

Alongside the new PnP machines, REI is also investing in a new AOI, or Automated Optical Inspector. The new AOI features an improved 3D imaging system that accurately notifies production employees of possible quality faults. Additionally, it reduces the number of false positives that must be manually checked by REI employees, creating a more efficient manufacturing environment.

Ultimately, these production technology upgrades benefit REI’s customers by providing future products with increased quality and advanced technologies.

This is an excerpt from REI’s TSCM Quarterly Newsletter. Click here to download the full edition.

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