REI Founder Retires

COOKEVILLE, TN – Research Electronics International (REI), recently held a dinner honoring company founder, Bruce Barsumian.

This event celebrated more than 40 years of innovation, leadership and dedication as a pioneer in a niche technology industry.Bruce Barsumian, Founder of Research Electronics Int'l

In 1983, Barsumian, along with a handful of employees, relocated a small electronics business from Florida to Cookeville, TN to launch what would become an international leader in counter surveillance with:

  • 75,000 ft² in-house manufacturing headquarters
  • International Training Center
  • In-house circuit board manufacturing
  • Multi-Engineering (electrical, RF, mechanical, etc.)
  • REI equipment in over 100 countries

A true pioneer in the counter-surveillance field, Barsumian has over 14 design patents relating to electronic security. Among the many products he designed are:

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Telephone and Line Analyzers
  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD)
  • Acoustic Noise Generators
  • Voice Stress Analyzer
  • Phone Voice Scrambler
  • Broadband RF Detectors

The celebration honoring Barsumian’s legacy was held at REI’s headquarters in Algood, where company employees, family and friends gathered for dinner and recognition ceremony. During the event, Barsumian commented, “I never imagined REI would become an industry leader…at first we just wanted to make the best products we could.” Many stories, laughs, and expressions of gratitude were shared as attendees acknowledged his impact on the company and the community throughout the years.

The team at REI is excited for Barsumian to enjoy his retirement as they carry on his legacy.