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In previous articles, we discussed how lines sometimes blur between cyber security and TSCM, where skills from both disciplines may be needed to identify threats. Here’s a recent example that illustrates this, where transmitters and receivers can be used to initiate a cyber attack.

There are USB cables that can be controlled remotely via wireless/bluetooth to inject a payload with command line/keystrokes onto a computer. The computer can be remote controlled, accessing networks, files, control settings, permissions, or a critical information. It could also be used to inject a virus. Continue reading “USB Cables Can Hide A New Payload Threat”

The Stage
Queen Elizabeth I, daughter to Henry VIII, became England’s ruler in 1558. One of her first acts as queen was the establishment of an English Protestant church, of which she was made Supreme Governor. During her reign, tension was high between Protestants and Catholics and Queen Elizabeth was constantly concerned for her throne.

In 1567, Elizabeth’s Catholic cousin, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots was forced to give up her Scottish throne and fled to England, where she was placed under house arrest. There were rumors and plots among Catholics to overthrow the queen and replace her with Mary. England’s military was weak, the treasury lean, and relations with neighboring countries tenuous. Security depended on intelligence. Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth’s Spy Master”

The ORION Non-Linear Junction Detector has a new firmware release for keypad and HX (touchscreen) ORION 2.4, ORION 900, and ORION HX Deluxe models.

The update is available as a free download on the REI website. Firmware and installation instructions for keypad models and HX (touchscreen) models are different; so it is important to choose the correct model update. Continue reading “New ORION Firmware Adds Feature And Function”

The REI Training Center will finish 2018 having trained the largest number of students ever. Over 50 classes were conducted at the Training Center in Cookeville, Tennessee. Scheduled classes ranged from one to five days in length. In addition to the scheduled training classes at REI, our 6 full-time instructors were kept busy throughout the year with onsite and offsite custom training courses.

Reasons for greater interest
The interest correlates directly to a greater need for quality professional training on ways to protect against information theft and illicit technical surveillance. Continue reading “TSCM Training On The Rise”

Protecting meeting spaces from illicit eavesdropping is a growing necessity. Start by ensuring there are no devices located inside the room itself, whether hidden or visible, that could be compromised for illicit purposes. Some examples of devices are desk phones, mobile phones, or audio recorders hidden in furniture or everyday items. Another threat that must not be neglected is audio leakage from surrounding surfaces and adjacent offices. These are vulnerabilities for both those listening in on your meeting with illicit intent or the passive observer in an adjacent office. Continue reading “Protecting Conversations With Noise Masking”

A search of the term VoIP Phone Vulnerabilities results in a torrent of articles discussing network hacking and how to protect networks from outside intruders. VoIP data protection is a legitimate security concern I.T. departments must address. However, it is too often overlooked that VoIP phones are still just phones that transmit conversations from one point to another using cable. In some cases, many of the same cables are used for the VoIP phone as the POTS phone that preceded them. Continue reading “Testing VoIP Phone For Non-VoIP Vulnerabilities”

New additions are coming to the handheld ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver. REI is pleased to announce the ANDRE Deluxe featuring three new antenna attachments and a variety of accessories to make your investigations easier and more effective. Continue reading “New ANDRE Deluxe Offers Higher Frequency Detection Range, Ultrasonic Detection, and New Software”