OSCOR™ PC Data New Features

Following the OSCOR Green firmware updates released in the beginning of 2016, REI is pleased to announce an update for the OSCOR Green Data Viewer Software. This updated version incorporates the newest OSCOR Green features: Persistence & Spectrogram. Users can now use the Data Viewer software to analyze data captured by the new features.

The Data Viewer will open, display, analyze, organize, export, and print saved data files on a Windows-based operating system. OSCOR Data Viewer makes report generation and data maintenance easy.

Trace Files
Display peak or average trace files in a graph view with zoom and scroll capability. Multiple traces can be layered in graphs for comparison.

Signal Lists
The Data Viewer will display frequency, bandwidth, amplitude, and date and provides the ability to export this information to a CSV or HTML file.

View any display screenshots, raster waterfalls or additional images captured.

Audio Files
Using the computer’s default media software, playback demodulated audio that was captured on the OSCOR Green.

The ability to analyze data offline without the need of the OSCOR Green can be beneficial to TSCM professionals. The Data Viewer software is available and free to download on the website.

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