A Soft Product Case Alternative

The majority of REI products are packed in customized hard shell composite Mil-Standard cases to provide the most durable protection available. The majority of customers desire packaging that can endure rugged handling for the life of the product.

Case Logic 18-inch Briefcase as Soft Case Alternative for REI Products

Cases for the OSCOR™, TALAN™, ORION™ and VPC are molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene co-polymer resin that are corrosion and impact resistant and include seal gaskets for water and dust protection. Custom foam milling provides additional protection within.

Customers sometimes ask if we have a soft case container for carry-on convenience. There is a soft briefcase made by Case Logic that provides a particularly nice fit for products like the OSCOR and TALAN. The compartmentalized foam insert that holds these products and accessories in the standard hard shell case, fits nicely inside the main pocket of the Case Logic 18-inch Laptop Briefcase.

This briefcase design provides plenty of pockets and storage compartments to carry other product accessories, and possibly remaining business and personal essentials. It also has a pass-through strap on the back that enables attachment to rolling luggage.

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