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  ANG-2200 - Acoustic Noise Generator 2200
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ANG-2200 [ Acoustic Noise Generator 2200 ]

click for a larger picture The ANG-2200 is designed to create a perimeter of noise around a target area that defeats wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets, and laser/microwave reflections from windows.

Most sound masking systems inject noise into an otherwise benign environment. In this environment, the occupants must raise their voices above the noise level to communicate, which invariably, eliminates the benefit of noise masking.
REI's masking system injects noise into the environment perimeter and not directly into the environment. This approach allows normal conversation while defeating eavesdropping devices that rely on acoustic leakage.


The ANG-2200 offers two channels each with a truly random noise source. Both channels have a separate high and low frequency control in order to compensate for loses found in the environment's material composition.

The REI noise masking system consist of a main unit (the ANG-2200) and three optional accessories that are purchased to tailor the system to the environment of concern. The ANG-2200 accessories are:

  1. TRN-2000 Transducer used to inject acoustic noise into walls, ceilings, windows, plumbing, and air ducts.
  2. OMS-2000 Omnidirectional Speaker used to project acoustic noise into drop ceiling air spaces, closets, crawl spaces, and air ducts

ANG-2200 Advantages
  • 2 seperate channels
  • Truly random noise sources
  • High Frequency and Low Frequency Controls
  • Overload Protection

  • Size:  1.6 x 5.5 x 8 in.  (4.1 x 14.0 x 20.3 cm.)
  • Weight:  1.2 lb. (.5 Kg)
  • Output Max:  10 V p-p @ 6 ohms
  • Min. Load:  2 ohms
  • Frequency:  125 Hz – 4 kHz
  • Power:  12Vdc, 1A
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Upgrades and Accessories
TRN-2000 - ANG Transducer (Spkr)
WMT-2000 - Transducer Window Mount
OMS-2000 - Omni Masking Speaker
ASA-2000 - Audio Spectrum Analyzer

download files for Acoustic Noise Generator 2200Acoustic Noise Generator 2200 file downloads
download ANG-2200 Color BrochureANG-2200_brochure.pdf1.56 MBANG-2200 Color Brochure
download Noise Masking Primer - Technical PaperNoise_Primer.pdf1.11 MBNoise Masking Primer - Technical Paper
download ANG 2200 Userang-2200.pdf2.19 MBANG 2200 User's Manual
download ASA-2000 Software 30 day trialASA-2000.msi300 kBASA-2000 Software 30 day trial

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