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We are manufacturers of electronic interference detection equipment hand-crafted in the United States intended for commercial security applications.

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  September 20, 2016
OSCOR™ Blue Spectrum Analyzer Reclassified From ITAR

REI announces that, following a commodity jurisdiction determination issued by the U.S. Department of...  View Post

  July 07, 2016
Probability of Intercept Feature

When comparing spectrum analyzers, it has become common to reference a 100% Probability of Intercept...  View Post

  July 06, 2016
Storing OSCOR™ Demodulated Signals

To assist with report writing and analysis after a sweep is complete, the OSCOR provides the ability ...  View Post

Upcoming Events

Austria & Germany BPS Invitation

REI will be visiting Austria and Germany in October to conduct new product demonstrations. REI’s newest offerings including the ANDRE Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver and the ORION 900 Non-Linear Junction Detector will be discussed. Attendees will also hear from Tom Jones, co-owner of REI, and preview the latest developments to the OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyzer and the TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer. Registration is free. Please e-mail Philipp Rotter (Austria – October 12) or Herbert Mangstl (Germany – October 13) to register your interest. Click the invitation above for more information.

TSCM In the News

September 20, 2016
Family finds hidden camera in Virginia hotel room
Source: AOL News

September 12, 2016
Some schools sweep for hidden cams amid ‘epidemic’ of spying, expert says

August 30, 2016
Li-Fi with my little eye…a vulnerability 
Source: The Register

August 19, 2016
Listening device found in All Blacks’ Sydney hotel ahead of Bledisloe Cup
Source: The Guardian

August 6, 2016
A’s coach secretly hid camera to spy on players
Source: Associated Press

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