June 21, 2018
New ANDRE Deluxe Offers Higher Frequency Detection Range, Ultrasonic Detection, and New Software

New antenna extends frequency detection range to 12 GHz COOKEVILLE, TN – June, 2018 -- Research Electronics International (REI), a leading manufacturer of counter-surveillance equipment, announces the release of the ANDRE Deluxe Near-Field Detection Receiver. The ANDRE detects signal activity and...

  March 28, 2018
Using Spectrum Analyzers to Look for Unknown Signals

Integrated Spectrum Analyzers like OSCOR combine capabilities from multiple types of analyzers to locate signals, not just detect them. In the last few decades, the volume of RF spectrum activity has exploded and shows no indication of slowing as the demand for wireless information transmission grows...



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REI manufactures electronic interference detection equipment hand-crafted in the United States for technical security applications. REI’s equipment detects electronic eavesdropping and illicit surveillance devices to protect your organization from information theft. REI provides the tools necessary for corporate, commercial, law enforcement, and government technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) operations.