Research Electronics International

We are manufacturers of electronic interference detection equipment hand-crafted in the United States intended for commercial security applications.

What’s New

  March 07, 2017
New Hand-Held ANDRE Quickly Detects Transmitters

Research Electronics International is pleased to announce the ANDRE™ Advanced Near-field Detection...  View Post

  March 06, 2017
Are You Being Overheard?

The Threat: Arguably one of the biggest threats of confidential conversations leaving a room or area...  View Post

  March 03, 2017
Spectrum Analyzer Sweep Speed

One of the most common specifications for comparing spectrum analyzers is sweep speed. It is important...  View Post

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REI is hosting a free Business Intelligence Protection Seminar in Nevada. Click here to register.

REI and Precision Technologies will be at Milipol Asia-Pacific in Singapore from April 4-6. Visit us at Booth 1730!

REI will be at ISC West, the largest security industry trade show in the U.S., taking place April 5-7 in Las Vegas. Visit us at Booth 19124!

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