Portable Spectrum Analyzer

The MESA™ is a portable, handheld RF receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions. MESA™ has the portability of a broadband receiver and operational features not found on any other spectrum analyzer. It provides tools, specifications and design features for locating unknown signals throughout a wide frequency range up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with the Downconverting antenna).  MESA™ has a new Patented SmartBars™ operational mode that displays signal activity like a broadband receiver.

Efficiency: sweeps up to 12 GHz with sweep display and a easy to use and navigate graphic interface, auto detects antennas and displays corresponding frequency bands

Usability: fully touchscreen controlled with easy to navigate user interface and quick access to WiFi, Bluetooth®, Mobile Bands, and SmartBars™ modes

Portability: Portable, handheld unit for sweeping target areas with a variety of fixed, bracket mounted, and hand held antennas/probes

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  • MESA™ displays a full range of frequency data including span, center frequency, start and stop frequencies, dB, and RBW between 10 kHz to 6GHz (12 GHz with Downconverting antenna). Types of signal graphs include live trace, peak trace, Cached Peak™, average trace, alert threshold, RSSI, O-scope and more. RF display features like Persistence and Waterfall provide enhanced display of signal events over time.
  • A capacitive touch screen display controls MESA™ functions and provides zoom, and drag capabilities in an easy to navigate interface
  • In addition to Spectrum mode, MESA™ includes several sweep modes:
    • SmartBars™ mode quickly detects and locates RF energy by displaying new signals and/or increased RF energy, compared to a reference trace in a bar graph
    • Mobile Bands mode allows the user to quickly and easily monitor RF energy levels for customize-able RF Bands (i.e. Wifi, GSM, etc.) on one screen
    • WiFi mode displays nearby access points and relative signal strength, and zooms into the Spectrum mode
    • Bluetooth® mode displays nearby pairing activity, relative signal strength, and zooms into the Spectrum mode 
  • MESA™ includes MCP (Multi-Carrier Probe) for capturing carrier current, Visible Light/IR probe, Ultrasonic probe, Audio Transformer, and Acoustic Leakage probe
  • Antenna/Probe auto recognition displays name and frequency range of the connected antenna
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for remote connection
  • AM/FM audio demodulation
    • Removable GPS USB captures location data


        • Detect RF WiFi, bluetooth, cell phones, illicit transmissions
        • Interference detection & troubleshooting
        • RF research and development
        • Wireless industry developers
        • Intelligence protection
        • Communications Site Surveys
        • Eavesdropping detection
        • RF emissions analysis
        • Spectrum misuse investigation


        Sweep speed:  >200 GHz/second
        Operating Freq. Range:  10 kHz - 6 GHz /*12 GHz
        Resolution Bandwidth: Variable depending on span: 0.038 kHz to 312.5 kHz
        Analysis Bandwidth:  20 MHz
        Detection Types RF, Carrier Current, Acoustic Leakage, IR/Visible Light, Ultrasonic
        Minimum Event Duration 1.25 msec
        Spurious Free Dynamic Range 81.6 dB
        Receiver Type Swept-tuned Superheterodyne
        Operation Modes:  Spectrum Analyzer, SmartBars™, Mobile Bands, WiFi, Bluetooth®
        Alert Types:  Haptic, audible, and visible alerts
        Display/Controls:  7 in/18 cm capacitive touch screen, brightness control
        Display Features:  Zoom, screen lock, frequency span, start/stop frequencies, resolution bandwidth, center frequency, automatic probe recognition. Display types include RF spectral display, Patented SmartBars™ bar graph, †Patented Cached Peak, WiFi/Bluetooth Scanner, Raster Waterfall display, Persistence display, RSSI, Average Trace
        Attenuation:  0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, Auto
        Preamp:  +15 dB
        Remote Access:  Ethernet port for VNC remote access
        Signal List Generation:  Manual or automatic signal list generation depending on mode
        GPS:   Removeable USB, captures and saves GPS data
        Audio Demodulation:   AM/FM demodulation with filter options: Auto, 200 kHz, 20 kHz, 5 kHz
        Audio:   Built-in speaker and external headphones with adjustable volume control. Microphone port for Acoustic Leakage Probe and Audio Transformer
        Data Ports:   2 USB 2.0 Type A ports for software upgrades, file storage, file transfer and GPS dongle; Gigabit Ethernet port
        Antenna Port:   QMA connector (RF input) for included and auxiliary RF antennas
        Supply AC:  100-240V/50-60Hz; single rechargeable Li-ion battery (includes 1 spare)
        Run Time:   ~3 hours (typical) per battery
        Charge time:   ~2.5 hours per battery (typical)
        Unit Dimensions:  5 x 8 x 2 in /13x 20 x 5 cm
        Unit Weight:   2.4 lbs/1.08 kg including battery
        Case Dimensions:  6 x 15 x 18.5 in / 16 x 38 x 47 cm
        Case/Contents Weight:  15 lbs. / 6.8 kg
        Operating temperature:   -10° to 53° C
        Battery charging temperature:   5° to 37° C
        Storage temperature:   -20° to 60° C