REI’s Business Intelligence Protection Seminars explain the risks posed to businesses and individuals by electronic eavesdropping and illicit surveillance. Wrongful exposure of sensitive information including merger or acquisition planning, marketing strategies, financial projections, or executive employee behavior can severely harm an organization. The mere perception of compromised information can lead to stock decline, negative publicity, damaged business relationships, and loss of customer confidence.

contretron In partnership with Contretron, Inc., REI will be hosting a Corporate Seminar on May 16, 2018 at Infinity Convention Center in Ottawa.

The seminar will include:

  • Countermeasures used to protect against information theft
  • Technical surveillance threats including easily-accessible bugging devices and methods to counter threats
  • Overview of TSCM equipment

The seminar will begin at 1:00 PM and conclude at 5:00 PM. Registration is free and refreshments will be provided. Seating is limited; attendees are encouraged to register early.


  • Corporate Seminar - May 16, 2018
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