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  OPC-5000E - OPC 5.0 PC Interface
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US Patent 7,058,530. Other Patents Pending.
OPC 5.0 PC Interface

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Version 5.0 of the OSCOR firmware has been designated as the OSCOR 5000 “E” (Enhanced) and brings significant updates including a high-speed USB port for PC connection, faster spectrum analyzer sweeping speed, a backlit display, and improved functionality.

The OPC 5.0 software combined with the USB port provides the ability to store and compare multiple Peak Traces from previous sweeps, adjacent rooms, and real-time OSCOR data. This high resolution data is easily manipulated for analysis.  


OPC 5.05.05 Prod. Release: 12/08/2009 - 14.7MB
Pgm Key Required:
version 5.04.00

For help or more information, please contact the sales department.

Version 5.05
build is now available!
If you have a version older than 5.05.00 you are urged to obtain a new copy.
Please check back very soon for upgrade imformation and downloads.

View OPC 5.0 Version History

Check back here periodically for updates. If you are a current OSCOR 5000E owner, you will be notified when updates are posted. If you are not receiving updates. please contact

RF Trace Sequence Recorder
Click here for the technical bulletin about this feature...

OPC Users Guide
You can obtain a copy of the CHM help file here > OPC 5.0 Help File

OPC 5.0 Users Manual and Quick Start Exercise
or you can download a PDF > OPC 5.0 Users Guide (PDF).

RF Trace Analysis Primer
Click here for the complete Trace Analysis Primer White Paper

Recommended PC System
Pentium II Processor or higher
Processor speed of at least 500 MHz
64 MB of RAM
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (NT not supported)

Support is available direct from REI. Information is located at

version history 

Release 5.05.00   Available Now!   Released 2/05/2008
  • This release has been modified to accommodate changes encountered in Vista
  • New Sequential Trace Recording with high-resolution waterfall display
  • Corrected bug in signal list that resulted in a 0 frequency signal that could not be removed
  • Other, non-visible code optimizations

Release 5.04.00   Released 5/24/2006
  • Added greater flexibility in the report configuration, more control over items to be printed
  • The print dialogs have been updated with a WYSIWYG dialog
  • Improved date handling to be more internationally aware
  • Job structure has been converted to support relative paths (allows better portability of data)
  • The Save As… function now creates a copy of all related Job data to the chosen path
  • Corrected the "Downloading Friendly" progress bar (was hanging occasionally)
  • The signal list now allows manual editing of the classification column
  • ITU/FCC signal classification can now be applied to ALL signals if desired
  • Improved trace window updates while running in Auto-Mode

Release 5.02.01      Released August 16, 2005
  • New Peak Protect function, decreases the risk of accidental OSCOR peak file corruption
  • Corrected Signal List bug when scrolling signals in OSCOR Firmware
  • Now supports multiple file open, automatically organized in Job Tree by type
  • New collapsible Job Navigation window maximizes space for Trace Analysis
  • Improved Real-time update of Trace & Signal Data while OSCOR is in Auto Mode
  • Updated color palette is more predictable when adding new data to Job
  • New Signal Information Flag when mouse is positioned over Signal Marker
  • Includes Complete support for MDC Functions & Trace Analysis
  • Improved Print functions with added user selectable options
  • Signal list filter indicates signal count within each filter category
  • Further improvements in synchronization when Locked to OSCOR
  • New function to copy Trace Analysis Image to clipboard
  • Updated Toolbars and improved Menus with contextual Help links
  • Improved Signal List Editing functions, supports batch edit of multiple selections
  • Correctly supports the use of same filenames across different file types
  • Supports user comments for Trace or Signal File
  • Improved OSCOR configuration options
Release 5.01.01 Released March 21, 2005
  • Further improvements to Job management and saving associated Traces & Signals
  • New Noise Reduction function improves difference analysis and identification of new energy
  • Added visual distinction of different signals in the signal overlay mode e.g. Threat, Friendly, NoCorr
  • New ability to add signals to Signal List through the Trace Analysis Window
  • Greatly improved synchronization of Signal Lists between OPC and OSCOR
  • Auto generated backups of Trace data upon initial retrieval from OSCOR
  • Corrected instability when operating OPC in standalone mode (OSCOR disconnected)
  • Improved Trace Analysis interaction with OSCOR when Locked together
  • Signal and Span editable fields are no longer left floating when the field loses focus
  • Improved control over visibility of Signal List window
  • Added ability to delete selected rows from Signal & Span lists. Supports multiple row deletion
  • Improved Merge Signals functionality includes confirmation of lists source databases
  • Correct bug that caused the Span list to lose selection when editing span settings
  • OSCOR now tracks selected signal from database when Locked to OSCOR
  • New startup screen offers "New Job", "Open Job" and "Last Job" entry points
  • Added ability to turn page numbers On/Off in Print Setup
  • frequency Classification corrected to effect Friendly Signals only
  • Real-Time Trace is cleared when user erases OSCOR Peak trace memory
  • Added button to set Default Spans
  • Added function to reset OPC to application defaults
Release 5.00.06   Released Dec. 15, 2004
  • Updated file extensions by file type (*.peak, *.frnd, *.real, *.signal, *.spans)
  • New file management console provides one-click saving of associated data
  • File management console provides option to refresh all OSCOR data prior to saving
  • Save As... function copies all job files to new location.
  • Added Signal Database editing functionality, On or Offline
  • Frequency Classification function (ITU, FCC & Custom Bandplans)
  • Signal Database Merging (Combine two or more Signal Lists)
  • New Signal Overlay Flags shown in Trace Analysis Window
  • Improved Zoom Control in Trace Analysis Window
  • Improved Difference mode calculation
  • Added full screen capability to Trace Analysis and Signals List windows
  • Added OSCOR Configure dialog. View status, edit startup items set clock & auto mode defaults.
  • Updated Load Friendly and Auto mode control from OPC (Trace window follows Auto Mode when Locked)
  • Added ability to change color of foreground & background of OSCOR Control Window
  • Updated Main Menus, context (right-click) menus & added standard application Toolbar
  • OPC file association added to Windows filesytem
Beta 5.00.05    Released Oct. 4, 2004
  • AC/VLF bug in OSCOR control window fixed
  • Job Filename and path now displayed in title bar
  • Job Navigation window is now resizable
  • New toolbar in OSCOR control window supports common tasks
  • Difference Mode updated to show negative values in margins
  • Difference Mode calculation improved (is under further development)
  • Store new Signals and Spans from OSCOR control window
  • Updated Context (right click) Menus in Trace Analysis & OSCOR control Window
  • Preliminary documentation available
Beta 5.00.04     Released Sept. 27, 2004
  • Trace Analysis Window is now spanning the full 3000MHz OSCOR Spectrum
  • Lock mode now supports bidirectional navigation. Zoom controls will command OSCOR & vice versa
  • Selectable Span Width of 1500MHz, 3000MHz or Locked to OSCOR
  • MDC Support improved. Traces have been separated in Job Navigation Tree
  • Double-Click in Trace Analysis Window sets OSCOR cursor to corresponding Frequency
  • Print Functions improved to support multiple row display (Prints the Analysis Window as you see it)
  • Print Functions updated to include Difference display
  • Context (right click) Menus added to Trace Analysis Window
Beta 5.00.03   Released Sept. 20, 2004
  • Printing support added for Trace Analysis Window and Active OSCOR Signals Database
  • Initial Support to retrieve & display MDC Traces are added
  • Completed GUI design for OSCOR Control Panel (some functionality pending)
  • Overall design updated to improve distinction between Analysis Window and OSCOR Control Panel
  • Lock Mode Forces Trace Analysis Window to track OSCOR conditions & Bands.
  • Free Run mode allows independent study of Traces while OSCOR collects data in other regions
  • Difference Mode Selection method improved
Beta 5.00.02
  • Added file support for Traces, Signals & Spans (upload/download/save to disk)
  • Drag & Drop Traces from FILE node to OSCOR Trace Memory location
  • Real-Time Trace updates in OSCOR control Panel & Trace Analysis Window
  • Embedded OSCOR Control Panel (lower portion of application)
  • Beginning of OSCOR control panel migration to new GUI (expected in build 3)
  • Active OSCOR selectable from Job Navigation Tree (for multiple OSCOR use)
  • Migration of Application Framework from OPC ver 4
  • Database conversion tools added to distribution
Alpha 5.0 D, 5.0 E and 5.00.01

These builds were the initial test applications incorporating the core functionality of Trace Collection and display.
We are grateful for the patience and the feedback provided by the first recipients of OSCOR5000E and for testing these versions of OPC 5.0.


Upgrades and Accessories
OSC-5000 - OSCOR 5000E Discontinued DISCONTINUED
OPC-5000E - OPC 5.0 PC Interface
OIF-5000 - IF Output (10.7 MHz)

download files for OPC 5.0 PC InterfaceOPC 5.0 PC Interface file downloads
download <strong>Version 5.05 upgrade is now available!</strong><br>If you have a version older than 5.05.00 you are urged to obtain a new copy.
OPC_5_Setup.exe Version 5.05 upgrade is now available!
If you have a version older than 5.05.00 you are urged to obtain a new copy.
download OPC 5.0 Users Manual and Quick Start ExerciseOPC_5_Manual.pdf10.20 MBOPC 5.0 Users Manual and Quick Start Exercise

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