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  BMP-1200 - CPM Broadband Microwave Probe
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CPM Broadband Microwave Probe

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Broadband Microwave Probe (BMP-1200) extends the range of the CPM-700 to 12GHz for detection of modern higher frequency eavesdropping devices. The BMP-1200 is sold as a CPM-700 Deluxe Upgrade which includes an Acoustic Leakage Probe for testing acoustic vulnerabilities, an RF Sniffer Probe for better detection in RF rich environments, and a briefcase size hard-shell carrying case better suited for traveling for the CPM-700 and accessories

  • Broadband Microwave Probe (BMP-1200) covers 2GHz to 12GHz.
  • Directional response makes locating transmitters easier.
  • Provides enhanced sensitivity over the standard RF probe in the common 2.4GHz range (video cameras, phones, 802.11 etc.).
  • Includes Acoustic Leakage Probe, Sniffer Probe, and deluxe hard-shell carrying case.

  • Frequency Range:  2-12GHz
  • Antenna Gain:  7dB Nominal
  • Sensitivity:  -65 dBm (1 segment)
  • Audible Sensitivity:  -70 dBm  M.D.L.

RF Sniffer Probe

  • Frequency Response:  10MHz-3GHz
  • Preamp Gain:  20dB Nominal
  • Sensitivity:  -35 dBm (8cm from target)
  • Audible Sensitivity:  -55 dBm  (8cm from target)

Acoustic Leakage Probe

  • Frequency Response:  50Hz-10kHz (Suface Dependant)
  • Sensitivity:  Optimized for voice detection
  • Impedence: 47K Ohm

Upgrades and Accessories
IRP-700 - CPM Infrared Probe
MLP-700 - CPM Magnetic Leakage Probe
ALP-700 - CPM Acoustic Leakage Probe
MPA-700 - Modular Phone Adaptor
CLA-700 - Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
BMP-1200 - CPM Broadband Microwave Probe
CPM Batteries - CPM Batteries

download files for CPM Broadband Microwave ProbeCPM Broadband Microwave Probe file downloads
download Broadband Microwave Probe BMP-1200BMP_Brochure.pdf978 kBBroadband Microwave Probe BMP-1200

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