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Why is Countersurveillance important?

There are many reasons why organizations have the desire to spy on each other. It is difficult to statistically assess how often governments, industries, and individuals are victims of illegal and unwanted surveillance. Evidence of surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting the spy. Most organizations are unaware that criminal surveillance has had an affect on the success and mission of the organization. Here are just a few examples of reasons for Countersurveillance.

Corporate/Commercial Examples

  • New product developments and plans. Protection of Trade secrets
  • Reorganization plans such as mergers or takeovers
  • Corporate legal problems
  • Labor union disputes and negotiating strategies
  • Protection of financial information
  • Industrial spies from other companies and/or countries
  • Internal Employees spying (Peeping Tom, sexual harassment, stalking)
  • VIP Protection (Terrorists, kidnappers, paparazzi, tabloids, etc.. )

Law Enforcement Examples

  • Protection of Government Leaders
  • Protecting Investigation details from Organized Crime
  • Protecting undercover agents identities
  • Ensuring Drug Criminals are unaware of raids and investigations
  • Protecting Individuals in Witness Protection Programs

Government Examples

  • Securing Communications
  • Political Negotiations
  • Protection of Political Leaders
  • Protection of military or political information or plans
  • Development of Advanced Technologies
  • Securing Embassies
  • Investigating terrorist activities

Are Spying Devices Available?

Surveillance devices are often considered myths or products only available to covert government spies; however, as the world’s technology continues to advance, high quality surveillance devices are easily purchased on the commercial market and can even be common household products. A baby monitor is an excellent complete bugging system for less than $50; it can be placed above ceiling tiles, under conference room tables, behind a desk, or in a briefcase. A high quality "pinhole" lens chip camera can be purchased on the open market for less than $100. It is important to note, that as the value of protected information increases, the threat potential and available surveillance technology also increases. The serious criminal can easily acquire and utilize sophisticated eavesdropping equipment. Finally, it is the responsibility of the organization leadership and security professional to determine the value of information in developing a security strategy.


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