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A hand held spectrum analyzer with rapid sweep speed and functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions over a broad frequency range. OSCOR Green is suited for:

Communication Site Surveys
RF Emissions analysis
Wireless service installers and providers
Security Surveys for eavesdropping protection

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OSCOR Green - Spectrum Analyzer

The OSCOR Green Portable Spectrum Analyzer sweeps 24GHz in 1 second quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices. 

OSCOR Blue - TSCM Spectrum Analyzer

The OSCOR Blue Portable Spectrum Analyzer sweeps 24GHz in 1 second quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices.

TALAN - Telephone and Line Analyzer
The TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer provides a complete integrated suite of tools to analyze, inspect, and test digital telephone lines (and other wiring) for taps and other eavesdropping devices.
Non-Linear Junction Detector
The NEW ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector with 2.4 GHz transmit frequency detects the presence of electronics (cell phones, eavesdropping devices, transmitters, circuitry, etc.), regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.
CPM-700 - Broadband Receiver
The CPM-700 is a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders.
The Countermeasures Amplifier (CMA-100). A high gain audio amplifier for testing wiring systems and phone lines.
The REI Training Center provides hands-on training courses ranging from introductory through advanced technical security concepts and equipment operation.
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